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Below are some frequently asked questions about our polished concrete floors and other surfaces. You might find immediate answers to your questions here. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact Custom Concrete Concepts in Byron Bay with your new question or to learn what you need about our services.

We are competitive on price, quality and installation. We are extremely good with shaping, colouring and polishing concrete. Or perhaps you are mean geographic areas? We will come to you as far south as Coffs Harbour and as far north as Brisbane, servicing all areas between the two, competitively!

There’s always a chance cracks will appear in a concrete floor. Minor cracks are just that… minor. They will do nothing to detract from the performance of the floor. Rather, they become part of its charm. Minor cracks add character.

Yes and no. Sub-floor heating is a popular option for polished concrete floors—warm floors in winter are a genuine luxury. Even without sub-floors, concrete slabs are affected more by the temperature of the ground they sit on, than by the outside temperature. This is why polished concrete floors tend to be warmer than tiles in the winter and cooler than tiles in the summer.

Yes indeed. Concrete has been around for a long, long time. Concreting became a lost art after the fall of the Roman Empire, only to re-emerge many centuries later. A good portion of the Western world is concrete, so it’s sturdy stuff. Heavy foot traffic won’t bother it. Pretty much anything coming into contact with concrete flooring comes off second best. Expansion and contraction after temperature changes can cause minor cracks, but these won’t amount to anything more than character lines.

You bet it does. Following professional installation and general light maintenance, you can expect to enjoy up to 10 years with no serious maintenance. In most instances, polished concrete will have a better life than carpeting or wood laminate.

We’d be happy to help. Polished concrete is not just a kitchen favourite, it’s also very popular in bathrooms and showers. Consideration needs to be given to council approval and also, of course, slip or to put it another way, lack of grip. The surface finish can include grit or etching and sealing to improve grip.